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5 General Misunderstandings Concerning Peyronie’s disease (Bent penis)

Like most other health problems along with disease, we have witnessed a number of myths, fallacies and bogus suppositions associated with Peyronie’s disease (PD). This article is going to highlight a number of those general myths concerning PD and can help you know the difference between a fiction and the real truth.

What Is Peyronie's Disease?

Let us first see what Peyronie's disease is. This is an unnatural bend or curve of the penis. This occurrence is not as common as other male penile diseases. According to a data which I read a long time ago, I guess that the data about the prevalence of this disease among American men depends on various research institutes. I would suggest you read this article on the NCBI.NLM.NIH website if you want to know more about the data.

Oh by the way if you think this name sounds strange, you are right. The name Peyronie is French. The disease is named after a French doctor Francois Gigot de la Peyronie who first brought the world’s attention to this disease back in the 18th century.

how a peyronie's disease penis looks    

Myth 1: Bent penis is suffered by younger men     only

Fact: Greater than 75% of individuals with PD are between 45 and 65 years old. Furthermore, a number of people also consider that Bent penis only affects men over fifty years of age. Actually, however, scientific studies indicate that around 10% of sufferers may encounter it at age 40 and below.  

Myth 2: Not a soul knows what brings about     Peyronie's disease

 Fact:  In as much as it is correct that no single recognized factor can be perceived as the sole factor responsible in every case of Peyronie's disease, trauma / bodily injury to the penis is regarded as one of the most common perpetrators of PD. In the same manner, Peyronie’s disease has also been caused due to a large number of generic circumstances for example high BP and diabetic issues. In addition, it has been also confirmed to be involved with Ledderhose's disease (plantar aponeurosis), Dupuytren's disease (palmar aponeurisis), knucle pads and Paget's disease. This disease also can be present in some families. This means that a father can pass it on to his son.   

Myth 3: Malignancy may be precipitated by Penis curvature

Fact: The plaque which has built up in Peyronie's disease entirely is benign, or noncancerous (or non-malignant).  It is definitely not a tumor and could not extend to surrounding body parts or areas. Similarly, Peyronie’s disease is never infectious (can't be passed down from an individual to another through any channel) and is not even identified to be brought on by whichever contagious disease.  

Myth 4: Surgical procedure is the only method to fix PD

Fact: Going under the knife can be considered as definitely one of the riskiest, pricey and complex correction means and is more or less always suggested being the last action if you have explored other methods. In addition, even successful operations cannot secure that the condition will likely not be recurrent in the future. Also, not all surgeries have shown total declaration of discomforts and signs in Penis curvature.   

Myth 5: PD and erection dysfunction have nothing to do with one another  

Fact: Although the two disorders can transpire separately, Peyronie's disease is connected with ED (or male sexual failure) in majority of its occurrences. Following more recent research, the knowledge about how erection weakness and Peyronies disease are correlated is a good deal clearer than previously recognized. Published scientific studies and trials have pointed out that close to 30% to 80% of all men can suffer from erection weakness resulting from Peyronie’s disease.

Treatment Options For Peyronie's Disease

Now if you have read this article up to here, you are either looking for information about this disease or you have it and looking for how to treat it. I am happy to announce to you that there are various methods of effective treatments for the disease.

Surgical Procedures Of Treating Peyronie's Disease

There are evidences and proofs that surgical methods are very effective in the treatment of Peyronie's disease. If you need my sincere opinion, I am ready to willingly give it. I am not a fan of anything that will compel me to go under the knife if there are other options. I would opt for penis surgery only as the last resort. Period. Aside from the fact that they may be risky, the cost is also very high. We may be talking in the range of tens of thousands of dollars.

Pills To Straighten Penis Curvature

Give me a break! To be honest with you, I have seen on the internet various websites that are advertising pills that can treat Peyronie’s disease. I am a little bit skeptical as far as pills are concerned. The pills I read about had nothing and I mean nothing to substantiate their claims. This makes me cringe at the thought of people trying to lure, heck, trick innocent and desperate people into buying their worthless products. I said desperate because if you knew the problems people with unnaturally bent penis are facing then you will also understand that they are desperate to solve the problem. Mayo Clinic has explained complications experienced by men with Peyronie's disease on their website. I also encourage you to read that.

Natural Methods Of Peyronie's Disease Treatment

All we have been talking about had to do with treatments but has anybody ever thought that there could be a natural method of treatments for male diseases? If there was, then it must be in very small numbers. What everybody thinks is that Walgreens, CVS and other pharmaceutical retailers have the solution. Do not be surprised that this may not always have to be the case. The method of Peyronie's disease treatment which I think is the best, safest and the most cost effective is what I am about to discuss here and one that I think (my personal opinion) have been featured on Walgreens, CVS and even Amazon ads pages. But then ask yourself the following questions: Are those the genuine products or fake?

Penis Traction Devices

There are other methods which are effective and are being offered but I don't want to waste time by analyzing them and showing the pros and cons because they may be extremely exhausting. That is why I have decided that instead of wasting your time to explain every bit of treating this precarious disease, we go straight to the best procedures to straighten a bent penis naturally without wasting time. There are people whose lives depend on it don't you think?

So far, the best and the most natural methods are by using penis traction devices. In fact these devices were initially designed to help me increase the sizes of their penises then it was discovered that they are very effective in treating Peyronie's disease as well. You can find these devices under different names depending on the manufacturer and brand.

Just like everything else, there are those with poor quality and good quality. The problem is to be able to figure out which ones are good. You can not compare a Toyota to a Rolls Royce even if both of them are cars. That is exactly the issue with penis traction devices. Oh yes, these devices are also called penis extenders in case you may be wondering.

In order to be able to differentiate I would suggest you read the review of a penis extender device called Sizegenetics. This product has been described as one of the best on the market.

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